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If you're suffering from a pain like no other in one of your teeth, you more than likely will need to have a root canal. When a root canal is the only option to save the tooth, it's because untreated decay is damaging the pulp or has already "killed" the tooth.



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•  Your gums will be numbed with a local


•  The decayed tooth may be separated from the

   rest with a small sheet of rubber on a metal

   frame, which also helps to prevent liquid and

   tooth chips from entering your mouth and


•  A drill and / or other tools are used to remove

  the pulp from the tooth.

Root canal procedure

•  After the pulp has been removed, the empty

  cavity will be packed with medicines,

  temporary filling materials and a final filling.

•  Most often you’ll need a permanent filling or

  crown. If so, an impression of the tooth will be

  taken after the decay has been removed. You

  might receive a temporary crown until the

  permanent one is ready to be cemented into


After the root canal

You should be aware of the need for treatment with antibiotic therapy prior to having a root canal if you have a medical condition that warrants it such as heart disease, a difficult time fighting off infection or a weakened immune system. If you're not sure, call our office. We'll be able to help you determine if you need antibiotic therapy ahead of time or you can also ask your physician.

You may need antibiotic therapy prior to having a root canal

These days, root canal therapy is virtually painless