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Even if you've never smoked and have been diligent with your oral health care habits, your teeth can begin to turn yellow as you age. Drinks, such as teas, sodas and coffees can stain teeth. Medications can have affects on your teeth as well.


Look and feel better when you have your teeth whitened!

Venus White Max delivers exceptional results, offers syringe-to-syringe mixing, which chemically activates the products and guarantees a thorough mix. If you have sensitive teeth, there’s no need to worry. Venus White Max contains potassium nitrate to minimize sensitivity associated with the bleaching process.

Don't worry about sensitivity

•  Improves appearance

•  Boosts self-confidence

•  Improves attractiveness

•  Very affordable

•  Makes you appear more friendlier to people

•  Makes you appear healthier to people

•  And much more

Benefits of whitening

Whiten your teeth with Venus White Max, which is an in-office bleaching treatment that consists of 38% hydrogen peroxide gel that is applied in 1 appointment of 3 or 4 sessions that last approximately 15 minutes each. *Appointment time runs aproximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours

Whiten your teeth

Brighten your smile and show it off more often